What are the 5 Types of Insurance in the US?

What Is Insurance and Its Types?


Insurance, in general, refers to an arrangement in which the insurance company pays a sum to the loss bearer at the end of the maturity term. The sum will be paid only if the loss happened as specified in the agreement. If the loss occurs and the incidence was unrelated to the agreement, the corporation will pay nothing.

The word ‘Policy holder’ refers to the person who purchased insurance for his or her life or property from an insurance business, while the term ‘Insurer’ refers to the firm that will pay the policyholder as agreed.

Types of Insurance

There are two types of insurance, and they are: –

  • Life Insurance

Life insurance is a contract or agreement between the insurer and policyholder for life, the life of the policyholder. As policyholder will get an amount for compensation in case of any accident or loss of life.


Life policy consists of different variety of policies related to life, such as term life insurance, endowment plan, whole life insurance, etc., having insured your life saves you from facing financial issues at the time when you need money. 


If your agreement matures after the maturity period of any policy which is designed like the same then you can claim the amount.

  • General Insurance

In general insurance, it’s the contact or agreement between the policyholder or the insurer for the valuable good for a particular period of time. When this policy will meet the maturity period and you have faced no loss then the amount will be given. 


The amount will only be given if you have faced any loss, during the period, mentioned as per the agreement.


General insurance will help you to recover the loss of the valuable goods if any incident takes place while the maturity period is not over yet

Insurance is an agreement or commitment in which the insurance company agrees to pay a damage sum if an accident occurs with the insured person.

Insurance can help you from some financial issues which can occur due to loss, which might not be your fault, but there will be some downfall you will need to face. 

5 Types of Insurance in the US

  • Medical Insurance

When you have health insurance, you will be compensated by the insurance company if you become ill or if an accident occurs. Remember to include all phrases because no one knows what will happen next. According to your signed contract, health insurance will cover you for 15 years or longer.

  • Home Insurance

Home insurance, often known as property insurance, protects your home against theft, fire, and natural disasters. It can last up to 30 years.

  • Automobile Insurance

Automobile insurance refers to the protection of your motor vehicle, whether it be a car or a motorcycle. The insurance provider will be obligated to pay if something occurs to your vehicle as specified in the contract. Maturity can last up to 12 months.

  • Disability Insurance

Disability insurance, condition income coverage, or pension benefits is a type of insurance that can protect the beneficiary’s employment income against the chance that a disability may prevent them from performing fundamental work activities.

  • Life Insurance

Life insurance is to secure the life of a person. In a life insurance policy, a person’s family will get the amount after his demise or maturity period of the contract.



As these are not the only five types of insurance in the US, you can opt for fire, marine, term, etc. You will need to pay a premium of some amount after every grace period per the agreement.